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Spanish Revolution

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Received by e-mail

Marina Kralik posted in ZAJEDNO

Počinje.. ŠPANJOLSKA !! Organiziranje odreda po naseljima, selima,
mjestima, četvrtima.. Dosta im je banksterske
masonerije!!nacionalizacija vlasništva do kojega je došlo
špekulacijama, kraj ovrhama, deložacijama, bankarskoj pljački, ..
Nova ustavotvorna skupština..!!

Early Spring

Early Spring
In #globalrevolution on 3 February 2013 at 15:51

Demo in Barcelona, yesterday. Photo via @15MBcn_int

Dear people,

Keep your eye on Spain these days. Sometimes, a little spark is all you need. The recent corruption scandal involving the governing Popular Party and in particular prime minister Rajoy, has provided that spark.

Corruption is nothing special in Spain. It is one of the prime roots of the country’s economic misfortunes, so the news can hardly be called surprising. But when it comes in a situation where the government imposes harsh austerity measures on its citizens, selling off their health care, their education, their water, then the news of government officials taking bribes is enough to turn rage into action.

For three days the general assembly of Sol has been in session. And for as many days, thousands have marched to the popular party headquarters to demand the resignation of the government. In Madrid, and throughout Spain.

Yesterday late at night, after peacefully resisting police intimidation, the people who had gathered in Sol vowed to continue the protest. Rumours also have it that a dedicated pocket of revolutionaries has gathered in a bowling alley near Cádiz to swear that they will not split until Spain has a new constitution.

Encouraged and inspired by the admirable perseverance of our comrades on Tahrir square in their struggle for freedom and equality, the people of Spain demand the fall of the regime. 

They want executive revolutionary juntas to assemble in all cities, villages and neighbourhoods. They want them to seize and investigate the public administration, with peaceful compliance of all those civil servants and law enforcement officers who abide by the current Spanish constitution in defending the people’s basic right to health care, education and decent housing.

They want speculative real estate assets to be expropriated and redistributed among the people on a social lease.

They want failing banks to be liquidated, and their management held accountable. 

Finally, the people want all the local juntas to join in a Constitutional Assembly to determine the principles on which they will build a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable society.

That’s what the people demand. And tonight at seven they intend to storm the governing party headquarters. I wish I could be there.

For coverage, check out the twitterfeed of GlobalRev (@GlobalRevLive) and BarcelonaInternational (@15MBcn_int), and the livestream on Spanishrevolution.TV and TomaLaTele.TV

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