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Tomislav Sunić: "The EU Rip-off"


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Tom Sunic "The EU Rip-Off," THE OCCIDENTAL OBSERVER, June 2009


Sat, 20 Jun 2009 19:30:38 +0200

The EU Rip-Off

Tom Sunic

June 19, 2009

The June 2009 elections for the European Parliament were held against the backdrop of global recession and a serious economic crisis. The behavior of voters in Western Europe was also influenced by a large number of non-European residents whose number now exceeds 20 million people. Given these circumstances, it was expected that nationalist parties from 27 member states would score major gains. In fact, they won 30 parliamentary seats in Brussels. The worst nightmares of establishment Euro politicians and their well-paid scribes came true.

Despite an uncivilized media smear campaign against "rising neo-fascist parties," accompanied by non-stop stories of the "danger of anti-Semitism," and despite taxpayer-funded advertising against the so-called right-wing radicalism, the prose and the sermons of EU insiders did not have much effect on the behavior of a sizable chunk of the European population.

In addition, the entire EU election was a joke as the voter turnout all across Europe did not exceed 30 percent. With more than 70 percent of voters not showing up at the polls, the credibility of the EU is now in serious jeopardy.

Komentar A.R.J.(croatian social-radical):

The so-called liberal-democracy is obviously - kaputt! 70:30 knock-out! That's good news!

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