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Three victories of justice, three defeats of Serbia

National Congress of the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina (NCR B&H)

ONLINE NEWSLETTER – International No. 684

July 31, 2010


1. Three victories of justice, three defeats of Serbia

2. World Court: Kosovo's independence was legal

3. Ex-Bosnian leader Ejup Ganic's UK extradition blocked

4. Momcilo Krajisnik denied early release

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By Muhamed Borogovac, NCR B&H July 31, 2010

Three victories of justice, three defeats of Serbia

The following are headlines copied from world media regarding 3 recent court decisions of 3 different western courts against Serbia:

- World Court: Kosovo's independence was legal (AP)

- Ex-Bosnian leader Ejup Ganic's UK extradition blocked (BBC)

- Momcilo Krajisnik denied early release (ICTY)

Those court decisions are very important in Bosnia for many reasons, but probably most important as a lesson.

Bosnian leaders with the help of Serbian propagandists have created and promoted a conspiracy theory that world powers are responsible for the division of Bosnia because “the West hates Muslims”. In one version of that theory, Americans set in power Milosevic to do the dirty work for them. Therefore, the ideologues of the greater Serbia project are not responsible, nor their puppets among Bosnian politicians. Rather the Americans, British and other western powers are the real conspirators of ethnic partition and genocide.

The majority of Bosnian people have been convinced of this theory, deflecting the blame away from Serbia’s agents in the Bosnian government, Izetbegovic, Silajdzic, Tihic, Lagumdzija etc. They accomplished this through control of the Bosnian mainstream media.

Since 1992, when the world powers in the security council voted unanimously (and contrary to Serbia’s wishes) to recognize Bosnia as an independent state, Bosnian patriots have been trying to explain to the people that the alleged “hatred of Muslims” does not play a role in the decisions of international institutions. Yet it has been difficult to explain to a people living in a country where the powerful seem immune from the law, that international law is not similarly just a tool for powerful nations to help their friends, such as Serbia.

The still ongoing process of dividing Bosnia began when Bosnian “Muslim” leaders, most prominently President Izetbegovic and Haris Silajdzic, did Serbia’s bidding in pushing for division in negotiations during the war. This was against the wishes of the people, but the politicians told the people that it was not their choice, that their “arms were twisted”.

There was no arm twisting by western countries, but the “arm twisting” theory was so successfully placed that even some western lawyers believe it and still claim that Clinton, through Holbrooke, forced the then Bosnian president Izetbegovic to sign Dayton. The truth is that Clinton and Holbrooke did not have any means of forcing Izetbegovic to sign anything, because Bosnia was a victim of aggression. Izetbegovic's eagerness to agree with Serbia offered them an opportunity of a quick fix for the Bosnian crisis in Dayton, which was a political liability for Clinton, and they took that opportunity.

Clinton and Holbrooke are not entirely without blame, as they protected Izetbegovic's secret, and they acted as facilitators in creating an ethnic apartheid in a state that was victim of aggression. They also never “outed” him, e.g. they never revealed Izetbegovic's true role. By their silence and political opportunism, they let the US take the blame among Bosnians for forcing division of the country, and in that sense, Clinton and Holbrooke put themselves before their country.

We note that this all happened after the Bosnian army had decisively turned the tide of the war.

According to the “west hates us” conspiracy theory the world is not ruled by law, but by the dictate of powerful politicians. The followers of that theory predicted that Serbia will win against Kosova, that Ganic will be extradited to Serbia that Krajisnik will be released.

Those three court decisions in a short time caused that many former supporters of that theory to question it. For many intellectuals those events again exposed Bosnian leaders as traitors.

The Bosniak leaders have not commented either of the court decisions; they must be keeping a low profile, waiting for the dust to settle down.

Bosnian independent web site recently uncovered that a key Bosniak leader, Muhamed Filipovic, wrote a letter to the judge in the case of Mr. Krajisnik, in favor of his early release. When asked about it Filipovic admitted that it was the true.

Muhamed Filipovic was introduced to Bosniaks in nineteen seventies as a Bosniak ethnic ideologue and even was the organizer of the unconstitutional Bosniak ethnic assembly, an unsuccessful attempt to get Bosniaks themselves to undermine the Bosnian state.

Now Bosniaks can clearly see that the western judges, who supposedly “hate Bosniaks and Muslims” rule in favor of the Bosniak people and the Albanian people of Kosova, who are also majority Muslim.

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Ante Rokov Jadrijevic, dipl. ing., Croatia august,2. 2010.

There was something more: Mr. Serge Brammertz, chief prosecutor on Hague's ICTY tribunal was denied by judge Alphons Orie tu put „subpoena“ on Croatian government for allegedly hiding so called general's Ante Gotovina „cannon''s log“ in „Croatian Oluja“ („Croatian's Storm“) ofensive war action on aug. 5. 1995.

So, what does it mean? It means that London too, as Serbian close ally in last Balkan's wars was defetaed! Three time defeated! Namely, London was and still is the center of „Devil's empire“! London, and not Washington - dr. Muhamed Borogavac – is to be blamed!

Ante Rokov Jadrijevic

Semper Paratus Croatiae /com/

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